Dr. Dipesh Navsaria



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Dr Dipesh Navsaria is a pediatrician working in the public interest. He blends the roles of physician, occasional children’s librarian, educator, public health professional and child health advocate.  With graduate degrees in public health, children’s librarianship, physician assistant studies, and medicine, he brings a unique combination of interests and experience together.

He has practiced primary-care pediatrics in a variety of settings with a special emphasis on working with underserved populations.  He is involved in advocacy training for residents, medical students, and practicing physicians.  His educational interests also include physician assistant education and public/population health training for clinicians.

Additionally, Dr Navsaria is strongly engaged with early literacy programs in health care settings, particularly around ideas of early brain and child development, which include neurobiological effects of adversity and poverty upon the developing brain.

A dynamic speaker who easily translates basic science and clinical medicine for a wide variety of audiences in order to shape programs and policy, Dr Navsaria lectures locally, regionally and nationally on early literacy, early brain and child development, child health advocacy and technology.

Upcoming Events

8:00 Am – Sept. 30 2021

Keynote 1

9:00 Am – Sept. 30 2021

Keynote 2

11:00 Am – Sept. 30 2021

Keynote 3

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